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Faye PHoto

Faye Lee

Very clear structure. No more headaches on thinking how to write emails. Thanks George Bryant. Now time to re-edit my post-purchase emails! 

Alex Charfen

Alex Charfen

If you are an online marketer who is looking to build real relationships and deep connection with your clients, you owe it to yourself to join George's program. He is leading a revolution in the online marketing industry and I'm proud to be a part of it.


April Adams Pertuis

Over HALF of my new course members came from... wait for it... MY EMAIL LIST... They were just hiding out over there waiting for me to show up!

Michael Huey Photo

Michael David Huey

Did $25,000 this week from what I learned in this program.


Jason Franciosa

The best part about doing what George teaches is it makes the business much more rewarding. Since going through this program I have much less desire to have an "exit" someday because I love our business and what we are doing to help our customers.

Mike Dillard

Mike Dillard

I feel quite comfortable saying George is the single best marketer I know in the world right now.

ashley deluca

Ashley Deluca

I watched the email clean list video in George's email course. Created my own version of the emails, ran it for my client & her open rates went from 30% to 50%... and her click rates went from 3% to 23%. She was THRILLED!


Here's What You'll Get As A Member Of The Eternal Flame Method

✓ Lifetime Access To Our Eternal Flame Method Program. You're going to learn how to ethically utilize email marketing to earn back the 70% of your revenue that's sitting on the table. Earning more leads, converting higher percentages of people, and taking them on a journey that transforms their lives & makes them want to shout you out from the rooftops! Email is the backbone of the customer journey & your secret weapon for keeping happy clients longer. You'll have access to all of the trainings, resources, and tools needed to get the absolute best experience out of this program. All content is checked regularly by our team & updated anytime there's a significant change in what's working in digital marketing. This is the last email marketing program you'll ever need. Value $9,997

✓ Accountability Follow Up. We'll check-in with you regularly, guide your focus, and offer supporting resources whenever applicable. We are going to be there with you every step of the way throughout this journey. Because our job isn't over until you're excited about email marketing, and the results you're getting with your customers! Value $9,997

Plus Your FREE Bonuses:


✓ FREE BONUS: The Social Media Bridge, A simple system for getting your ideal customer's attention on social media, getting them onto your email list, and capturing the 98% of customers that your competitors completely ignore. This relationship between social media & email marketing is the most proven & predictable path to profits. Value $997

✓ FREE Bonus: Amazon Email Mastery Program, Did you know you could be earning an extra $30k/month on Amazon without bringing in any NEW customers? I did. Just by dialing in my email fulfillment & customer experience on Amazon. In this absolutely gold-filled bonus we bring on one of the leading Amazon experts in the world to share his exact Amazon email strategy to double sales, earning more 5-star reviews, and get more Amazon customers over to his website & on his email list. Value $5,000

✓ FREE Bonus: The Always Land System, Digital marketing is a game of attention. And if you can't get in front of your ideal customers, well, then, you have no attention. In this POWERFUL bonus, I share with you the very simple 7-step process I follow to ensure every email I send makes it into my subscriber's inbox. These are the SECRETS to doubling your open rates, quadrupling your click-through rates, and avoiding the dreaded spam folder. These are the exact 7 steps that I walk all my six-figure consulting clients through, regardless of how big or small their list is. Value Priceless

✓ FREE Bonus: Get Daily Subscribers With Ease System, How to profitably grow your email list without wasting valuable time, energy, and brain cells figuring it out without breaking the bank. This is a very clear, straight-line path to consistently & predictably growing your list with people who are excited to become your customer & tell their friends about you! Value $15,000

✓ FREE Bonus: Personalized Strategy Call With My Team, You'll be able to schedule a 20 minute strategy call with my team where you'll get clarity on your goals, challenges, and needle movers... then my team will prescribe you specific lessons within the course that will drive results the quickest. Value $5,000

Total Value $55,997
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